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Introductionary offer

  • 6 hours a week    - £60 per month

  • 12 hours a week  - £110 per month

  • 18 hours a week  - £150 per month

  • Unlimited access - £200 per month



This includes

  • Open seven days a week 9am-9pm

  • Shimpo electric Wheels 

  • Personal storage shelf

  • Shelving for work in progress

  • Free stoneware firings, bisque + glaze up to 30 litres a month, and then £1 per 100 grams on finished pieces after that

  • Stoneware clay supplied at cost price

  • Members are invited to exhibit and sell their work at the studio

  • Members are invited to join us at our regular spot in the Frome independence market, which is run monthly, there will however, be an extra charge for this, depending on how many members participate in the stall. this will be charged at cost price and any money made from sales of their work will go directly back to the member


notes on membership 

  • all members will have a personal introduction to the studio space before the membership begins

  • we recommend that all members have some previous ceramics experience, if you have not had previous experience, we recommend that to sign in to one of our beginners classes.

  • All members work is to be taken home after firing is finished, any work left after one month will be either disposed of or gifted to a local charity.

  • A months notice is required to cancel membership.

  • Memberships run from the first day of the calendar month through to the last date in that calendar month

  • Members will not always be supervised and will be required to be responsible for tidying up and leaving the studio as they found it.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Membership 6h a week

    Valid for one month
  • Membership 12 h a week

    Attend all the classes you wish, every month.
  • Membership 18h a week

    Valid for one month
  • Membership unlimited

    Valid for one month
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